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Future Talent Campaign

The Careers Sector Stakeholder Alliance have today released a joint statement with a series of employers and employer bodies arguing that effective career suppport for young people can only be provided by a combination of employers and career professionals.

Read the press release on the CSSA Website: Future Talent Campaign.


“Going in the right direction?” Ofsted Careers survey & Bis response documents

Thanks to Russel of the Secondary CEIAG blog for summarising all of the critical careers policy documents released today (Ofsted and the Goverment response). I’ll hopefully get time to read these and write something meaningful about them sometime over the next couple of days.

But, in the meantime, Russel is keeping track of everything that is being put out in response to this.

“Going in the right direction?” Ofsted Careers survey & Bis response documents.


Brilliant CVs: A workshop for iCeGS by Dr Jim Bright

The last few places are still available for the workshop on the 2nd July with Jim Bright at iCeGS. So if you want a place you better move quick!

Brilliant CVs: A workshop for iCeGS by Dr Jim Bright.


Taxonomy of Online Learning Tasks

Taxonomy of Online Learning Tasks.


Demonstrating blogging

We are producing information about pre-college courses


The verdict

The jury considered their remit only to consider research, rather than therapeutic treatments. They propose a further review in the future to decide.

Adult stem cell research will go ahead – providing that the donor does not benefit financially and consent is given.

Embryonic research will remain embargoed, however it will be considered acceptable to use cells from the umbilical cord.

An ethical committee will be set up to consider all applications for stem cell research on a case-by-case basis.
Cloning and the creation of new living organisms will be specifically outlawed.

Regular reviews – possibly as often as every year – will consider how best to proceed with this policy.


Citizens’ Jury wants the stem cell research not to be used for Human cloning


This Week in Chess Boxing

Egbert the Clobberer defeated Gustav the Meek 3.5-0.5 in the rapid match ending in a right hook which took place in the central stadium in Noroviagrad on the 31st October and 2nd November 2009. Gustav really does have to do at least some remedial work on his game if he is to play any more of these exhibitions. At the moment they’re close to being a waste of time.

The Open tournament in Novrodopolis was won by Dwight Armstrong on tie-break from Ewan Mightyhammer and Chuck Dingleberry after all scored 7.5/9.



The jury are considering their verdict, and we await their judgement at 1430. Join us in the Plenary Room to find out. We’ve been promised interviews with the spokesperson for the Jury after the public announcement.


Going forward for progress

So, we’ve heard all the arguments and the jury have retired to consider their verdict. Let’s consider the impact of this decision on Norovian society. We risk being left behind if we adopt over-stringent regulations, or worse, an outright ban – but equally we don’t want the structure of our society undermined by a rush to embrace a still-unknown new technology.

The legal presentation to the jury summarised the arguments extremely well. Let us all agree to support the research in adult stem cells – this is uncontroversial and will deliver benefits – and ensure that the necessary donor consent regulations are in place.

Society as a whole does not support the absolutist view of some religious people that an embryo created is a person, a life that must be fulfilled. For this reason, we should move towards allowing embryonic research – especially since the rewards are so great, and the effectiveness of the treatment is so much higher than for adult stem cells. But we do need appropriate safeguards. It may well be a step too far to ask Norovian taxpayers to fund such work – but we should certainly permit private companies and charitable foundations to undertake this groundbreaking research in Norovia.

Precautions should certainly include the consent of the donor and a restriction on the use of embryonic stem cells for medical research, rather than cosmetic or industrial work. Let us step forward towards a future in which crippling diseases may be cured, and that the benefits of carefully-conducted medical research benefit the citizens of Norovia, of Europe and the wider world.

Mike Prior-Jones

Editor, GRADSchool Gazette

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